“The reality she shows the viewer in her drawings and poems is light-hearted, but also critical, humoristic, oppressive, social and mythological.” – Author/ curator Alex de Vries


With my drawings and poems I want to stimulate imagination and point the viewer to his/ her own freedom. I let the viewer look in a different way at images and words, while creating my own reality.

I query the original narrative meaning by stripping everyday objects from their familiar context and make them play a different role in a new context.

The appearance of the image elements is preserved, but a new environment is created: crucial to stimulate fantasy and point out freedom.

I think people can come to self-choice when they are more aware of the influence of fellow human beings and more reflecting on themselves. This ensures their freedom and contributes to happiness, as proven by the great interest about the search for the inner self.

In our society we all strive ‘to be individual’ and therefore pursue the same ideal. We’re actually failing in this, as we are more similar than we think we are.

The sometimes absurd scenes and combinations in my work can also be ‘read’ as a commentary on commercialism and on the mantra of ‘That’s it!’


Marthe Zink Atelier Nova Zembla 2
Marthe Zink Atelier Nova Zembla