Marthe Zink- Charcuterie in het vizier, Tekeningen en gedichten (Drawings and poems)

My book ‘Marthe Zink- Charcuterie in het vizier, Tekeningen en gedichten’ is published!

“The quality in her artistry consists of great concentration, diligent execution and researching and experimenting with her way of using materials. Furthermore, she is sensitive to sensory associations and receptive for the unusual. She dares to look at herself, with just the right amount of mockery, you therefore have to take her seriously. Her work is eclectic as it combines classical painting with comics, medieval miniatures, cinematic imaging, toys, craft material, fast-food commercials et cetera. She claims an independent position in contemporary surrealism. Many of her drawings occur as the after-party of historical art movements that survived themselves and she provides with new impulses. She gives them a bit of a comical twist, as if she wonders to what extent art can ridicule itself, without losing its importance. With her captivating craftsmanship she demonstrates that she can go very far, without losing her credibility. She dares to dive in the jaws of the monster. She knows that every pitfall in her work has been dug by herself.

Her poems are the poetry of a dyslectic, but in her case that form of word blindness is rather a hypersensitivity to language than a misunderstanding of it. Every word she uses relates both to the suggested image as well as the sound created with it. She scans the shape of each letter, tastes the punctuation on her tongue and smells the scent of sentences. She rhymes and alliterates lustily. She does what is forbidden in poetry and with that invents poems that evade what is not (no longer) allowed or has to be so.” – Curator/ author Alex de Vries in ‘Marthe Zink- Charcuterie in het vizier, Tekeningen en gedichten’.

‘Marthe Zink- Charcuterie in het vizier, Tekeningen en gedichten’ contains a combination of drawings and Dutch poems. Alex de vries wrote the foreword and Linda Rieken made the graphic design. The article ‘Marthe Zink- Lost logica op’ about the book is published on the website of Mister Motley:

The book is a limited edition (500), has 80 pages and costs €19,50,- excl. shipping costs.

You can order the book by sending an e-mail to: